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The Sibyls and the Corona Virus Pandemic  


The whole world is enduring the ordeal of the pandemic and joy might seem elusive. Yet joy and hope there are, unfailingly, which we must keep alive in these testing times and try to share with others. From the suffering and death of Jesus came the joy of the Resurrection and maybe from the shared affliction of the virus will come greater unity and recognition of our dependence on one another in the one family of God throughout the world. We hope and pray you and your loved ones will be spared the worst effects of the virus


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Isolation is miserable and unnatural for most of us but thanks to the internet there are many ways of keeping in touch without physically meeting. If any Sibyl wishes to join a WhatsApp group, please send your mobile phone number to Pauline Fleck. Her contact details are given below. Open Table are also seeking to explore ways in which LGBT Christians can stay connected.   And there is a Sibylsí Listening Service which could be of particular help to some people at the moment. You can call any of the following:  


Jenny-Anne Bishop  Telephone: 01745 337144 & 07500 74195    


Yvonne Wood  Telephone 01279 833499 or 07595 087207  


Or Pauline Fleck Telephone 07581 553357  


Keep safe, take care